Post Natal Nurse Home Visitor Program
Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)


Volunteering at Parkland is a rewarding opportunity that matches caring people with services that provide comfort to the patients and their families who come to Parkland. We enthusiastically welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and abilities who wish to volunteer. We offer challenging and rewarding opportunities that help our volunteers help others, and grow as individuals too. We are grateful for our volunteers and want them to know they make a difference every day. 

How Volunteers Help Parkland

There are opportunities to volunteer in many different areas of our hospital. Volunteers provide important services, so we make every attempt to match interests, skills, and availability with hospital needs. Volunteer opportunities are available in many departments and are based on our needs and your skills, availability, and interests. You can volunteer in one of the following areas:

  • Hospital support
  • Staff support

Steps to Becoming an Adult Volunteer (18 and older)

  • Online Application
  • Adult Volunteer Assessment
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Zoom Interview Meeting
  • Occupational Health Visit
  • Badge Pick-Up
  • Hospital Orientation

    Adult Volunteer Requirements

    We require our volunteers to commit to one 3-4 hour shift per week for a minimum of 100 hours per year. 


    Ready to Apply?

    If you are interested in volunteering with Parkland, we invite you to complete this application


    Summer Student Volunteer Program

    Parkland invites high school students who are interested in volunteering in the hospital setting the chance to apply for our summer Volunteer Program. Serving others as a Volunteers provides a very rewarding experience, personal growth, and an opportunity to give back to the community. Volunteers will serve in a customer service and clerical volunteer position. Applications for Summer Volunteers are accepted April 1st through the 14th. The program runs from June 1st until September 1st and holiday breaks from school. 

    Steps to becoming a summer student volunteer (15-17): 

    • Online Application
    • Summer Volunteer Assessment
    • Background Check
    • Occupational Health Visit
    • Summer Volunteer Orientation

    Summer Volunteer Requirements:

    • Parental consent
    • Commitment to at least one 3-4 hour shift per week for a minimum of two months (or up to 100 hours of service).
    • Summer student volunteers can only volunteer during hospital business hours; 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. 

    Ready to apply to our summer student volunteer program? We invite you to complete this application


    Pet Therapy

    Pet Therapy teams volunteer provide healing comfort visits to staff via an engaged hands-on experience. Pet handlers and pets each have separate compliance requirements. Before an animal and their handler can volunteer with Parkland they must complete the certification process with PetPet Therapy Volunteers Partners. Once the pet is certified, their handler can begin the process of becoming an adult volunteer. Learn more in our Pet Therapy brochure

    Financial Donations

    How can I make a financial gift? Donors are the lifeblood that transforms Parkland into one of the top public hospitals in the country. With your committed support, Parkland is able to extend its services to reach more who need us and enhance the quality of programs offered. To learn more about how to make a financial donation, please visit 

    In-Kind Donations

    Donations of items from the community helps our patients. To ensure we can accept your items, please contact to details and drop-off coordination of in-kind donations.

    Volunteers can also share their time and passions for our patients by making and donating greatly needed handmade items. Parkland is always in need of crafty community members to hand craft needed items for our patients including activity/busy books, blankets, and comfort items for the Newborn and Neonatal unit. New items, both handmade and purchased, can also help bring a personal touch to patient care at Parkland. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any item that has been used or out of its origination packaging.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the age requirement of an adult volunteer?

    To participate in our Adult Volunteer Program, you must be at least 18 years of age and not currently in high school.

    What is the time commitment over the course of the program?

    We ask for each adult volunteer to serve a minimum of 100 hours over the course of one year. Typically, a volunteer agrees to come in once a week for a 3-4 hour shift. You will work with your coordinator to pick a day and time that you will most consistently be available. You will keep the same shift from week to week.

    Can I volunteer more than once a week?

    We ask new volunteers to commit to volunteering once a week until you become settled in your role. If, after a period of time, you want to increase your volunteer hours you can discuss with your coordinator to learn about any opportunities.

    I have been ordered by the courts to perform community service. May I do my hours at Parkland?

    No. We do not accept applicants who are obligated to complete community service hours, nor will we allow current volunteers to apply their volunteer hours at Parkland to fulfill court-mandated service.

    Will I be able to shadow any nurses or doctors as a volunteer?

    No. Volunteers serve to meet the non-clinical needs of the hospital and will receive a job description at the beginning of their placement. It is a great opportunity to experience a hospital setting, but volunteers will not shadow a specific staff member.

    Pre-medical students, residents and other health care professionals can obtain observation hours by shadowing Parkland health care workers through the Parkland Observation Program. To learn more about the program, contact Alitha Jones at

    Will my volunteer experience lead to a job opportunity at Parkland?

    All employment opportunities are handled by Parkland’s Office of Talent Management. You may visit to find more information about current employment opportunities. Volunteer experience will not lead directly to an offer of employment. We discourage individuals from applying to volunteer if the main objective is employment.

    Can I become a volunteer at Parkland while I am in-between jobs?

    We appreciate your desire to give back of your time. However, we ask that our adult volunteers commit to serving 100 hours in a 12 month time period. We find that most often adults who are in the midst of a career change are not able to fulfill this obligation.

    I have recently experienced the illness or loss of a loved one. Are there any volunteer opportunities that will help me work through the healing process?

    Through previous volunteers, we have found that serving at Parkland does not meet the emotional needs of those who have recently experienced the serious illness or death of a loved one. We find it is important for an individual to work through the healing process and then evaluate whether volunteering at Parkland is the right option for them.