Post Natal Nurse Home Visitor Program
Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)

HIV Services research trials

The UT Southwestern ID Clinical Research Unit found at the Access Clinic performs clinical research trials. Many of these trials are for new treatments for people living with HIV. You do not have to be a Parkland patient to take part in research studies. You will have to meet the criteria for the individual study.

Patients who take part in studies have access to ground-breaking new therapies. Therapies in the earliest stages of testing. Also, the most advanced diagnostic tests. Tests watch patients closely, so safety is assured. Patient volunteers for clinical research are valued partners in this important work. Patient health and safety is of primary concern.

You can choose to take part in a diverse choice of studies. Studies include new combinations of anti-HIV medications or treatment for complications like lipid abnormalities. Or studies might be about diseases associated with HIV like lipodystrophy. Ask for an updated list of studies. Your primary care provider may refer you to talk with the research staff. Or, if you are interested, contact us for more details.

For the most current information, you may call the Clinical Research Unit at 214-590-0611.