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Pharmacy Help

Have a question about Parkland pharmacy services? Need help? Following are some questions that are often asked.

Where do I go to get my medicine?

Parkland pharmacies are located at:

  • Parkland community clinics
  • The first floor of the Moody Outpatient Clinic building at 5151 Maple Ave.
  • The Ron J. Anderson, MD Clinic at 5184 Tex Oak Street

What if I don’t have any more refills left?

You may request a refill and your doctor will be contacted for a new prescription. Prescriptions given in the Emergency Room will not be refilled. However, you can find a community clinic near you for a follow up appointment.

When should I call in for a refill?

Call at least a week before you run out of medicine.

What do I do if the refill line is busy?

Please call back so we can help you. This can happen due to the many patients we serve.

What form of payment is accepted for copays?

We accept cash, checks, money orders or debit/credit cards as payment for required copays.

Can Parkland Pharmacy just bill me for my medications?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the ability to bill patients for their medications. We suggest that you contact our Pharmacy Payment Hotline at 214-590-1400 to make payments before your medications can be mailed.

What if I do not have the required copayment?

We will gladly hold your medication for up to 10 days before we return to stock.

Can a patient on Parkland Financial Assistance get a refund for payment?

Unfortunately, our current policies do not allow us to give refunds for patients on Parkland Financial Assistance. We will gladly give you a credit in our system to use on future medication payments.

How can we help you?

If you have questions about how to get your medicine, please call the phone number on your prescription label.

If you are calling from an outside pharmacy with questions about prescriptions (non-transfers) including new prescriptions please call 214-266-0600.

If you are a patient and need to schedule a primary care appointment or check appointment times, please call 214-266-4000. For specialty clinic appointments, please call 214-590-5601. Or, you can use MyChart, Parkland's free online medical record.

If you need medical records, learn more about how to place a medical records request.