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Parkland Orthopaedics Total Joints Service provides a comprehensive approach to the care and management of knee injuries and conditions.  Many of the new technologies and techniques in this field have been evaluated and/or pioneered at Parkland.  The Parkland total joints team offers leading-edge expertise in the evaluation and treatment of a broad range of conditions and injuries that can occur at any stage of life, those affecting individuals from adolescents to senior citizens.  Our Total Joints Service at Parkland is among the most experienced in North Texas.

Services Include

  • Evaluation of knee conditions and injuries
  • Conservative treatments to preserve and/or correct the knee to relieve pain and restore movement including Injection Therapy
  • Minimally Invasive/Arthroscopy Procedures
  • Latest Techniques in Sports Medicine Surgery including complex ligament reconstruction
  • Advanced Knee Fracture Care
  • Knee Joint Replacement surgery including complex revision surgery
  • Rehabilitation, Advanced Therapy
This is the only program of its kind in North Texas with depth of experience and treatment options available for the evaluation and management of knee problems. Our team provides expert care for knee problems for patients in any age group. From the Professional Athlete to the Weekend Warrior, the Parkland Total Joints Team can provide the highest level of Total Joints Care in North Texas!

Orthopaedic Total Joints surgeons work with a team to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan for patients.  In addition to other physicians, this includes nurses; occupational, physical and recreational therapists; and social workers.
  • The Parkland Total Joints team provides comprehensive care – taking into consideration the individual needs of the patient and doing what’s absolutely best for the individual.
  • The Parkland Total Joints team is at the forefront of technology and minimally invasive surgery (including arthroscopic procedures for knee surgery)  
  • Many of the groundbreaking techniques we use were pioneered by Parkland Orthopaedic Surgeons, with attention to patient safety and long-term mobility.
  • Because of the depth of experience and research, Parkland Orthopaedics can offer alternatives to patients – including advanced alternatives to minimize the need for invasive procedures, as well as prevent joint replacement.
  • The Parkland Total Joints team utilizes all the experts we have in order to create a custom, personalized care plan for you!

To arrange a visit with one of our specialists, a referral from a physician is required. Please call 214-266-0600 or visit  specialty clinic referral guidelines.  

Meet Parkland's orthopedic total joints specialists

  Garen Collett, MD specializes in adult hip and knee reconstruction. 
  Ishvinder Grewal, MD  specializes in general orthopaedic trauma and pelvis, hip, and knee trauma, including both fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Michael Huo, MD specializes in revision hip arthroplasty and revision knee arthroplasty.

Dr. Huo has been recognized by D Magazine as one of the best doctors in Dallas for orthopedic surgery. View Dr. Huo's published medical literature at

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