Post Natal Nurse Home Visitor Program
Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)

Women & Infants Medical Experts

When choosing a hospital, it’s important to consider the specialized and expert medical care available for you and your baby.

Parkland doctors wrote the book on safe, expert care for women and infants. Our experts help teach new doctors across the country. That’s because the go-to textbook used by medical schools throughout the U.S. is written by Parkland doctors.

Our doctors are experts in the care of women and infants. Our obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) doctors are some of the most experienced experts in not only the Dallas area, but are considered the experts around the country. They care for women every day but also focus on research to develop new effective and safe care of mothers before and after delivery.

Our neonatologists, doctors who care for newborn infants, provide care in Parkland’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a highly specialized unit for babies who need critical, life-saving care. They also continue to study the best ways to care for the tiniest infants and have even delivered sets of quintuplets.

Parkland also cares for women and infants with professionals called mid-level practitioners, such as midwives and nurse practitioners, who provide care at all stages of your health from prenatal care and delivery to gynecology.

The nurses at Parkland are highly trained Registered Nurses (RN) who provide care to our patients following comprehensive clinical education and training.