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Hand Clinic

Orthopaedic Research

The Parkland Orthopaedics hand team provides a comprehensive approach to the care and management of hand injuries and conditions. Many of the new technologies and techniques in this field have been evaluated and/or pioneered at our hospital.  The Hand team offers leading-edge expertise in the evaluation and treatment of a broad range of conditions and injuries that can occur at any stage of life, affecting individuals from young adults to senior citizens 

Ours is the only program of its kind in North Texas with depth of experience and treatment options available for the evaluation and management of hand problems. The Parkland Orthopaedic Hand team provides comprehensive care – taking into consideration the individual needs of the patient and doing what’s absolutely best for the individual.

Services Include

  • Evaluation of hand conditions and injuries
  • Conservative treatments to preserve and/or correct the hand to relieve pain and restore movement
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Surgical care of injured hands
  • Care of nerve problems of the hand and upper extremity
  • Prosthetic and orthotic fitting
  • Rehabilitation and hand therapy
Our hand surgeons work as a team to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment and rehabilitation plan for patients. In addition to other physicians, this includes nurses, occupational, physical and recreational therapists, prosthetics and orthotic specialists, and social workers. 

The hand team is at the forefront of technology and minimally invasive surgery (including arthroscopic procedures) - applying techniques to achieve the shortest possible recovery times for patients that result in the best possible mobility, long-term.

Because of the depth of experience and research, Parkland Orthopaedics hand team can offer alternatives to patients – including advanced alternatives to minimize the need for invasive procedures, as well as prevent further problems.

To arrange a visit with one of our specialists, a referral from a physician is required. Please call 214-266-0600 or visit specialty clinic referral guidelines.  

Meet Parkland's Orthopaedic Hand Specialists

Ann Golden, MD specializes in the care of the hands.

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