Post Natal Nurse Home Visitor Program
Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)

Texas Medical Board

All House Staff must hold either a valid Texas Physician In Training Permit or Texas Medical License.

NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to start your residency and/or fellowship without a Texas Medical Board permit or full medical license.

If you do not have a Texas Medical License, additional information will be forthcoming on how to apply for your permit.

Once the Parkland GME office has received notification from the Texas Medical Board (TMB) of your Texas Medical Board number, you will receive an email from the Parkland GME office. Once you receive that notification, please apply for your TMB Physician in Training Permit immediately.

Upon completion of the online application, you may be required to submit additional documentation. Please submit any requested documentation to the Texas Medical Board as soon as possible as this could delay the issuance of your permit. The Texas Medical Board address:

Physician In Training Section

P.O. Box 2018, Mail Code 244
Austin, Texas 78768-2018
512-305-7021, 7135, 7141
Fax 512-305-7009

If you currently hold a Texas Medical License, please provide a copy of the following

  • Texas Medical License
  • Drug Enforcement Administration Certificate

Change of address form

Change of name form

Texas Physician’s Health Program

When you apply for your TMB permit and if certain questions are answered in the affirmative the TMB may refer you to the Texas Physician’s Health Program (Texas PHP). Once the TMB has received your application and if you are referred to the Texas PHP, the licensing staff handling your application will notify you via email and/or letter. It is important that if you answer affirmative to any of the questions on the permit application, you must also communicate this with the Parkland director of GME.