Pharmacy Residency (PGY1)

Parkland Strategic Plan

Parkland’s strategic plan sets the objectives we hope to achieve through 2026. We have identified challenges to achieving a healthy community and outlined the priorities in this plan to turn those challenges into opportunities - to improve care for patients, to improve access to healthcare and to improve health outcomes across our community.

At the core of the plan is health equity. As the safety net health system for Dallas County we will work to ensure all residents can receive the necessary high-quality care so they can live life fully without the suffering associated with delayed or deferred care.

This strategic plan serves as our GPS and keep our work focused on creating a Dallas County with equitable, accessible healthcare for all.

Following is an overview of Parkland’s strategic plan. You can also download:

Our core mission, vision and values

Our mission, vision and values now reflect the Parkland we are today and how we plan to effect change across the community.


Advance Wellness | Relieve Suffering | Develop and Educate
By providing high quality, safe and compassionate care we will advance the health and well-being of our community. With a commitment to education, we will enhance the professional and personal skills of our employees by providing training, career guidance and opportunities for advancement.

We will advance health equity through excellence as a public health system.
We will strive to ensure equitable care for our patients and address inequities in health at the community level. Parkland will focus on outcomes, efficiency, patient experience, and excellence in education and research.


Serving as our cultural cornerstone, Parkland’s values are those inherent principles that guide our organization and are reflected in our employees’ actions.

  • Integrity: I will be honest, trustworthy, authentic, humble and transparent.

  • Compassion and Collaboration: I will provide service in a spirit of empathy, concern and love. I will work together with others to deliver excellent care for our community.

  • Accountability: I will hold myself and others responsible for high standards of excellence, stewardship, and will welcome feedback.

  • Respect: I will value the unique and diverse experiences of others and treat everyone with kindness and humility.

  • Equity: I will value the diversity of patients and colleagues and strive to promote everyone’s health, dignity, and voice.

2021-2026 Strategic Priorities

To achieve our mission, we will pursue seven priorities:
  • Strategic Priority 1: Healthy Equity
    Decrease health disparities by providing equitable access to healthcare services and partnering with communities to address social determinants of health.

  • Strategic Priority 2: Quality and Patient Safety
    Improve quality and safety, working toward the goal of zero harm.

  • Strategic Priority 3: Staff and Provider Engagement
    Foster a culture that embodies our values, making Parkland a place where people thrive and succeed.

  • Strategic Priority 4: Teaching, Research and Innovation
    Commit to high quality training, research, and a culture of innovation for the benefit of the trainees and the patients we serve.

  • Strategic Priority 5: Integrated Healthcare Model
    Pursue higher levels of integration to provide the right care for patients in a way that is centered on their needs.

  • Strategic Priority 6: Digital Health Solutions
    Advance health and improve access to care through digital health technologies.

  • Strategic Priority 7: Taxpayer Investment
    Pursue efficient business and clinical practices and develop innovative approaches to address the high cost of care while improving outcomes for the patients we serve.